All of the devices, except the ones I've borrowed like the Wii, Xbox and PS3, live in Clearleft's test lab which is open for anyone to drop by and use. I've bought most of the consoles on this site, although a couple have been kindly donated.

If you'd like to contribute, or if you already own one of these devices and you don't want it any more, please have a look at my wishlist of consoles and peripherals I don't yet have in the test lab. Post it to Clearleft to form part of their test lab, and I'll run lots of tests on it and document them on this site. I look for second-hand models with all the cables. I got the PS Vita for a bargain because it had a dead pixel. The DSi was missing the box and the stylus, but it doesn't matter as long as all the buttons and screen work so I can properly test the browser in them.