Nintendo 3DS

Many thanks to Shaun Dunne for doing the research for this console browser.

Identifies itself as Mozilla 5.0, but is actually a Webkit version of NetFront.

Image coming shortly.

Features three cameras: two on the back for taking 3D photos and video and one forward-facing one on the front.

3D images cannot be viewed within the browser: they need to be downloaded first. They are saved in MPO format which is 2 JPEGs layered on top of each other, which falls back to a single JPEG where 3D images aren't supported.

HTML5 Test: 109/500

As of February 2013. Source:

CSS3 Test: 64%

As of February 2013. Source:

Operating System unknown
Screen Resolution 320 x 240
Web Browser unknown Actually NetFront
Browser Size 320 x 369
Color Depth 16
Javascript Enabled
Flash Version Not Installed
Cookies Enabled
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Nintendo 3DS; U; ; en) Version/1.7498.EU

Media query tests

What the device can read:

  • screen
  • color
  • (orientation : portrait)
  • (min-device-width)
  • (max-device-width)
  • (min-device-heigh)
  • (max-device-height)
  • (min-width)
  • (max-width)
  • (min-height)
  • (max-height)

What the device says it isn't:

  • print
  • tv
  • monochrome
  • handheld
  • projection
  • (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2)

Device doesn't recognise:

  • (pointer:coarse)
  • (pointer:fine)
  • (pointer:none)

device-pixel-ratio test

  • Media queries for device-pixel-ratio not supported.
  • screen.width equals 320.
  • Layout viewport width is 320.
  • Expected DPR is 1.
  • Reported DPR is 1.