Sony PSP-1000

Unknown browser. Reports itself as Mozilla.

Photo of the PSP 1000 controller.

The screen is not a touch screen. There is a small cursor that can be moved around using the left thumbstick. The d-pad cycles through links on the page and scrolls.

The left and right shoulder pads move back and forward through the browser history. Holding down the square button and tapping the right shoulder pad opens up a new tab. There can be up to 3 tabs open at once.

The browser standard is very low. A lot of sites don't load, or content doesn't appear. Typing is very fiddly, keyboard is SMS style and the select and cancel keys are mapped differently to modern PlayStation controls (select and cancel are swapped round)

Text size can be adjusted in the settings.

HTML5 Test: Test wouldn't run

As of October 2012. Source:

CSS3 Test: Test wouldn't run

As of October 2012. Source:

User Agent Mozilla/4.0 (PlayStation Portable); 2.00)

Media query tests

What the device can read:

  • screen

What the device says it isn't:

  • print
  • tv
  • color
  • monochrome
  • handheld
  • projection
  • (orientation : portrait)
  • (orientation : landscape)
  • (min-width)
  • (max-width)
  • (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2)
  • (pointer:coarse)
  • (pointer:fine)
  • (pointer:none)
diagram of the PS Vita

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