Microsoft Xbox One

Many thanks to Steve Workman for doing the initial research for this console browser.

Runs IE10.

Photo of the Xbox One controller.

There's a cursor on the screen that glows blue when it's hovered over a link. Scrolling is much improved over the Xbox 360. You can scroll by going off the bottom edge of the screen (left analogue stick) or by panning down with the right analogue stick. On the screen, there's a little scrollbar that can't be manipulated.

The keyboard has big touch areas. This is good for gesture or for using a device like a Wii-mote, but when you're using the analogue stick on the Xbox controller, this means lots of traversing. It has more helpers than the Xbox 360 browser like a dedicated .com button, but is otherwise very similar.

After running the Xbox One's browser through the HTML5 test, the original score was revised because the browser was reporting it supported features that it didn't. A bug has been filed with the Internet Explorer team. (November 2013)

HTML5 Test: 316/555

As of November 2013. Source:

CSS3 Test: 51%

As of November 2013. Source:

Acid3 Test: 100%

As of November 2013.


Operating System Windows 8
Screen Resolution 1324 x 745
Web Browser Internet Explorer 10.0
Browser Size 1236 x 701
Color Depth 24
Javascript Enabled
Flash Version Not Installed
Cookies Enabled
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.2; Trident/6.0; Xbox; Xbox One)

Primary Controller

Diagram of the Xbox 360 controller.

See big version

Other input devices

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